next generation virtual product development

Do you want to reduce time-to-market?

SkeletonCAx enables engineers to design, simulate and optimize in a single software environment, delivering up to 50% reduction in the development process of mechanical components. We are radically changing the way engineers are working through software that eliminates digital process cracks. SkeletonCAx delivers significant speed up in the development process of engineering products, while improving overall design quality, at significantly reduced user expert knowledge.

The SkeletonCAx Technology

Our patented technology is built on the principle of the Medial Axis Representation™ (MAR™), or popularly known as the skeleton of a virtual object. MAR™ is changing the way 3D digital models are represented and composed in software applications. This opens up a whole new set of exciting functionalities, which are reflected in SkeletonCAx.

We fuse CAD, CAE and CAM to one CAx environment that allows to perform all tasks directly on the same digital model and to store the results in a seamless manner. Simulation results, and in particular the deformed object shape, is fully recovered and can be used for evaluation or for consequent operations including simulations.


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